Month: June 2018 is the Home for Resources

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As the name implies, is one of many places to locate resources that can help someone who may be facing a difficult situation. No one wants to lose their home. Here are a few resources that may help. Before you get to the point of having your lender foreclose on your property, have an honest conversation with them.

If you truly want to keep your home, this is the first place to start. Ask them if they would be willing to work with you regarding what you can honestly afford to pay. Let them know honestly what happened to get you falling behind in your mortgage payments.

Another thing you might consider is speaking with a realtor about different scenarios such as finding someone who understands the foreclosure and short sale markets. They might have some ideas for you. They may also know of local resources that you might not know about otherwise.

Look on popular real estate websites (e.g. etc) to get ideas. Look up (that is, put Google searches to work for you) situations that may be similar to yours. For example, you might do a Google search for terms such as “what I did when facing foreclosure,” or “how I saved my home from foreclosure,” etc.

The point is, you will want to be communicating NOW with the parties involved. Do not wait. Don’t think that this issue is going to disappear on its own. One other thing: I saw an article about someone who went through foreclosure, and they said afterwards that it wasn’t the end of the world after all. In fact, it opened up new opportunities and gave them a greater appreciation for what they did have.

We wish you the best of luck! Now, get to work and contact your lender. Now!